publications from others – literature (1): galaxies


This page gives an overview of relevant publications from others regarding galaxies.
(we omit papers dealing with individual galaxies)

last update: 2014-12-13


  • Arp H. (1966): Atlas of peculiar galaxies; ApJ Suppl. Ser. 14, 1-20 (link to publication)
  • Baillard A. et al. (2011): The EFIGI catalogue of 4458 nearby galaxies with detailed morphology; A&A 532A, 74-74 (link to publication)
  • Bellazzini M., Ferraro F.R., Pancino E. (2001): A step toward the calibration of the red giant branch tip as a standard candle; ApJ 556, 635 (link to publication)
  •  de Vaucouleurs G., de Vaucouleurs A., Corwin H.G., Buta R.J., Paturel G., Fouqué P. (1991): Third Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies. By de Vaucouleurs G., de Vaucouleurs A., Corwin H.G. Jr., Buta R.J., Paturel G., Fouqué P.; Springer, New York (USA), 1991, 2091 p.
    • Volume I: Explanations and references, ISBN 0-387-97549-7
    • Volume II: Data for galaxies between 0h and 12h, ISBN 0-387-97550-0
    • Volume III: Data for galaxies between 12h and 24h, ISBN 0-387-97551-9
  • Dalcanton J.J. et al. (2009): The ACS Nearby Galaxy Survey Treasury; ApJ Suppl. Ser. 183, 67-108 (link to publication)
  • Di Benedetto G.P., Lattanzi M.G. (1999): The Cepheid-based distance scale; Baltic Astron. 8, 191 (link to publication)
  • Feast M. (1999): Cepheids as distance indicators. (Invited review); PASP 111, 775 (link to publication)
  • Ford H.C. (1983): Planetary nebulae in local group galaxies; IAU Symp. 103, held at University College, London, U.K. August 9-13, 1982 Ed. by D.R. Flower., 103, 443 (link to publication)
  • Freedman M.L. et al. (2001): Final results from the Hubble space telescope key project to measure the Hubble constant; ApJ 553, 47 (link to publication)
  • Frei Z., Guhathakurta P., Gunn J.E., Tyson J.A. (1996): A catalog of digital images of 113 nearby galaxies; AJ 111, 174-181 (link to publication)
  • Garcia-Barreto J.A., Carrillo R., Vera-Villamizar N. (2003): Companions of bright barred Shapley-Ames galaxies; AJ 126, 1707-1719 (link to publication)
  • Georgiev T.B., Bilkina B.I., Dencheva N.M. (1997): Calibration of the brightest red and blue stars as distance indicators for late-type galaxies; Pis’ma Astron. Zh., 23, 742 (1997) (link to publication)
  • Gil De Paz A. et al. (2007): The GALEX ultraviolet atlas of nearby galaxies; ApJ Suppl. Ser. 173, 185-255 (link to publication)
  • Gilmore G., Hernandez X., Valls-Gabaud D. (2000): Objective determination of star formation histories; Astrophys. Space Sci., 272, 61 (link to publication)
  • Gregg M.D., West M.J. (2004): The Ghosts of Galaxies: Tidal Debris in Clusters. Recycling intergalactic and interstellar matter; IAU Symposium Series, Vol. 217, eds. Pierre-Alain Duc, Jonathan Braine and Elias Brinks. (link to publication)
  • Harris, W.E. (1991): Globular cluster systems in galaxies beyond the Local Group; Annual Rev. Astron. Astrophys., 29, 543 (link to publication)
  • Huchtmeier W.K., Richter O.G. (1986): HI-observations of galaxies in the Kraan-Korteweg-Tammann catalogue of nearby galaxies. I – The data; A&A Suppl. Ser. 63, 323-343 (link to publication)
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  • James P.A. et al. (2004): The Hα galaxy survey. I. The galaxy sample, Hα narrow-band observations and star formation parameters for 334 galaxies; A&A 414, 23 (link to publication)
  • Karachentsev I.D. et al. (2002): The very local Hubble flow; A&A 389, 812 (July 2002) (link to publication)
  • Karachentsev I.D., Karachentseva V.E., Huchtmeier W.K., Makarov D.I. (2004): A catalog of neighboring galaxies; AJ 127, 2031-2068 (link to publication)
  • Karachentsev I.D., Makarov D.I., Kaisina E.I. (2013): Updated Nearby Galaxy Catalog; AJ 145, 101 (link to publication)
  • Kennicutt R.C. Jr. et al. (2008): An Hα Imaging Survey of Galaxies in the Local 11 Mpc Volume; ApJ Suppl. Ser. 178, 247-279 (link to publication)
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  • Malin D.F., Carter D. (1983): A Catalog of elliptical Galaxies with Shells; ApJ 274, 534-540 (link to publication)
  • Matonick D.M., Fesen R.A. (1997): Optically identified supernova remnants in the nearby spiral galaxies: NGC 5204, NGC 5585, NGC 6946, M81, and M101; ApJ Suppl. Ser., 112, 49 (link to publication)
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  • Paturel G. et al. (2002): Calibration of the distance scale from galactic Cepheids. I. Calibration based on the GFG sample; A&A 383, 398 (link to publication)
  • Rozanski R., Rowan-Robinson M. (1994): The accuracy of the brightest stars in galaxies as distance indicators; MNRAS 271, 530 (link to publication)
  • Salaris M., Cassisi S. (1998): A new analysis of the red giant branch ‘tip’ distance scale and the value of the Hubble constant; MNRAS 298, 166 (link to publication)
  • Sandage A. (1983): The brightest stars in nearby galaxies. II. AJ 88, 1569 (link to publication)
  • Schaerer D., Contini T., Pindao M. (1999): New catalogue of Wolf-Rayet galaxies and high-excitation extra-galactic H II regions; Astronomy & Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 136, 35-52 (link to publication)
  • Sheth K. et al. (2010): The Spitzer Survey of Stellar Structure in Galaxies (S4G); PASP 122, 1397-1414 (link to publication)
  • Tully R.B. et al. (2013): Cosmicflows-2: the data; AJ 146, 86 (link to publication)
  • van Driel W., de Graauw T., de Jong G T., Wesselius P.R. (1993): IRAS CPC observations of galaxies. I. Catalog and atlas; A&A Suppl. Ser. 101, 207-252 (link to publication)
  • Zaritsky D., Smith R., Frenk C., White S.D.M. (1993): Satellites of spiral galaxies; ApJ 405, 464-478 (link to publication)


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