publications from others – literature (4): stellar streams and shell galaxies in the Local Volume

This page gives an overview of relevant publications from others regarding stellar streams and shell galaxies in the Local Volume.

last update: 2016-01-04


  • Beaton R.L. et al. (2014): Cannibalization and rebirth in the NGC 5387 system. I. The stellar stream and star-forming region; ApJ 790, 117  (link to publication) (preliminary link: arXiv:1312.0585 [astro-ph.GA])
  • Blom C. et al. (2014): The SLUGGS Survey: new evidence for a tidal interaction between the early-type galaxies NGC 4365 and NGC 4342; MNRAS 439, 2420-2431 (link to publication), (preliminary link: arXiv:1401.5128 [astro-ph.GA])
  • Chonis T.S. et al. (2011): A petal of the sunflower: photometry of the stellar tidal stream in the halo of Messier 63 (NGC 5055); AJ 142, 166 (link to publication)
  • Cooper A.P. et al. (2011): The Formation of Shell Galaxies Similar to NGC 7600 in the Cold Dark Matter Cosmogony; ApJ 743, L21 (link to publication)
  • Foster C. et al. (2014): Kinematics and simulations of the stellar stream in the halo of the Umbrella Galaxy; MNRAS 442, 3544-3564 (link to publication), (preliminary link: arXiv:1406.5511 [astro-ph.GA])
  • Karachentsev I.D. et al. (2014): Three low surface brightness dwarfs discovered around NGC 4631; (preliminary link: arXiv:1401.2719 [astro-ph.GA], this preprint contains first results about the newly discovered stellar stream.)
  • Malin D.F., Quinn P.J., Graham J.A. (1983): Shell structure in NGC 5128; ApJ 272, L5-L7 (link to publication)
  • Malin D.F., Carter D. (1983): A catalog of elliptical galaxies with shells; ApJ 274, 534-540 (link to publication)
  • Martinez-Delgado D. et al. (2008): The Ghost of a Dwarf Galaxy: Fossils of the Hierarchical Formation of the Nearby Spiral Galaxy NGC 5907; ApJ 689, 184-193 (link to publication)
  • Martinez-Delgado D. et al. (2010): Stellar tidal streams in spiral galaxies of the local volume: a pilot survey with modest aperture telescopes; AJ 140, 962-967 (link to publication)
  • Martinez-Delgado D. et al. (2012): Dwarfs Gobbling Dwarfs: A Stellar Tidal Stream around NGC 4449 and Hierarchical Galaxy Formation on Small Scales; ApJ Letters 748, L24 (link to publication)
  • Martinez-Delgado D. et al. (2014): Discovery of a Stellar Tidal Stream Around the Whale Galaxy, NGC 4631; preliminary link: arXiv:1410.6368v1 [astro-ph.GA], 23 Oct 2014; (link to publication) 10/2015, see: earlier by Karachentev et al. 2014
  • Miskolczi A., Bomans D.J., Dettmar R.-J. (2011): Tidal streams around galaxies in the SDSS DR7 archive. I. First results; A&A 536A, A66 (link to publication)
  • Paudel S. et al. (2013): The next generation Virgo Cluster survey. IV. NGC 4216: a bombarded spiral in the Virgo cluster; ApJ 767, 133 (link to publication)
  • Rich R.M. et al. (2012): A tidally distorted dwarf galaxy near NGC 4449; Nature 482, 192-194 (link to publication)
  • Romanowsky A.J. et al. (2012): The ongoing assembly of a central cluster galaxy: phase-space substructures in the halo of M87; ApJ 748, 29 (link to publication)
  • Shang Z. et al. (1998): Ring structure and warp of NGC 5907 – Interaction with dwarf galaxies; ApJ 504, 23 (link to publication)
  • Turnbull A.J., Bridges T.J., Carter D. (1999): Imaging of the shell galaxies NGC 474 and 7600, and implications for their formation; MNRAS 307, 967-976 (link to publication)
  • van Dokkum P., Abraham R., Merritt A. (2014): First results from the Dragonfly Telephoto Array: the apparent lack of a stellar halo in the massive spiral galaxy M101; ApJ Lett. 782, article id. L24, 6 pp. (link to publication, also arXiv:1401.5467 [astro-ph.CO])
  • Zheng Z. et al. (1999): Deep intermediate-band surface photometry of NGC 5907; AJ 117, 2757-2780 (link to publication)


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