NGC 7331

On 2016-09-11 H. Strauß published an image of NGC 7331 within the
TBG group. This image was exposured with a 20-inch telescope 7.5 hours. North is at the top, east is to the left.
During the investigation of his image he found faint tidal effects around the galaxy “MAPS-PP O-778-973630” (designated as “M”).
The designated dwarf companions A, B, C and D are already known (J. Ludwig, A.
Pasquali, E.K. Grebel, & J.S. Gallagher, Astron. J., 144, 190, 2012) During the
investigation of the image T. Zilch found a further faint object that looks
typical for a spheroidal companion. Both objects “E” and “M” are part of the released
publication in January 2017. (Have also a look into this article “More
satellites around the nearby spiral galaxy NGC 7331″ in the sub-page
“publications in collaboration with the TBG Group”.)

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