Pavo II (ACO S 805)

In the southern constellation of Pavo, some 2.5° westnorthwest from the well-known NGC 6744, the galaxy cluster ACO S 805 is situated (ACO:= Abell, Corwin und Olowin (1989)). In its center we find the giant elliptical galaxy IC 4765. The database SIMBAD lists 2.45′ angular diameter, but we can deduce about 4.2′ because of an extended halo around IC 4765. This means a true diameter of 75.000 pc, given the distance of 60 Mpc.   In the image (fov 54′ x 41′, north up, east to the left) numerous galaxies are dispersed (annotated). About 11′ northeast from IC 4765 the barred spiral IC 4769 presents a linear arm, full with starbirth regions. A second interesting object is the LSB galaxy [MP89] 415, situated 5.8′  northeast of the bright blue star. Maybe this galaxy is a dSph type because of its smooth structure. This dwarf and others were already discovered by Millington & Peach (1989). There can be found more similar dwarfs in the image. Note also the faint reflection nebulae (galactic cirrus).

Stephan Küppers took this image in May 2015, spending his time on Farm Tivoli/Namibia. He used an 12-in telescope (ASA) with 1076 mm focal length. With a CCD camera FLI Microline ML8300 the LRGB image was exposed for 155:60:60:60 minutes, each frame 300 seconds. The sky´s quality can be judged as “good” by SQM values of 21.5 mag per arcsec^2. The limiting star magnitude is about 22.2 mag.

This image of the galaxy Cluster “Pavo II (ACO S 805)” was published by S. Küppers within our TBG-group in May 2015.

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